The Missing Person

Lynn Fleming happily abandoned dusty Albuquerque to study art history in New York, but when her younger brother disappears she reluctantly answers their mother’s summons and returns home. Although she soon finds Wylie among the eco-warriors for whom he’s a philosopher king, she begins to realize how much else is still missing. Her memories of her late cherished father are compromised by her mother’s relationship with a married man. And her fascination with two paintings her father left behind leads her to question everything she’d believed about her parents’ marriage and, by extension, her own behavior. Meanwhile, her attempt to regain Wylie’s affection is unsettled by her affair with one of his cohorts, even as the pranks they play-in order to protect the landscape they see being violated all around them-grow increasingly serious and then spiral out of control, putting everyone at risk.

A story of homecoming and coming-of-age, of convictions shaken and regained, of unspeakable loss and hard-won reconciliation, The Missing Person is funny and piercing throughout, a brilliant beginning to a bright new career.


Praise for The Missing Person

  • “This promising debut is intelligent, insightful and often bitterly funny . . . A knowing and witty take on family ties, the politics of art and academia, and eco-terrorism.”
    Publishers Weekly